I am an entrepreneur – not least in my role as (co)-founder of L'ÉCLAT, DelCayo, TTANTI or VIRTŪ, but additionally as former CEO of The European Magazine and of the mobile games studio eelusion.
I'm also a creative consultant, supporting the growth of start-ups and aggressive digital transformation of bigger companies. I was lucky enough to advise many European & LatAm startups and German-speaking firms (such as Lufthansa, A1, Sparda Bank etc).
Finally, I’m a disruptive thinker with proven hands-on capabilities and a drive to specifically grow both revenue and the bottom line. With experience in product strategies, fundraising ($1.7Mio @eelusion, ca. $1 Mio @The European), crowdfunding (+$100k @VIRTŪ) and exits, I have also co-created and (re)launched multiple consumer Native/Web apps and websites. Also: I am fascinated by branding, UX and design thinking.

I’m hungry to bring a grand vision to the next level, so let’s talk!


  • Covering the multiple facets of a start-up
    Business plan, pitching, lean processes
  • Digital strategies
    Acquisition funnel, go-to-market, data-driven marketing
  • Creative direction
    Branding, UX, corporate identity, illustration
  • Project Management
    Agile & SCRUM, product ownership, rapid protyping

Current projects

Ethical brand VIRTUrocks fair trade in Latin America

Owner & Creative Consultant @ L'ÉCLAT

L'ÉCLAT crafts disruptive and engaging digital experiences, sitting upon the synergy of branding, technology and data-driven marketing.

DelCayo ethical hub for conscious living promoting social entrepreneurship

Co-Founder @ DelCayo

Delcayo is your hub for ethical living. DelCayo gives everyone the power to make decisions that align with their values with a clear certification process and trusted reviews.

Wooden watches TTANTI made in Patagonia

Partner @ TTANTI

TTANTI watches combine the long Swiss tradition of watchmaking with the noble materials available in the South of Chile: Patagonian woods and leathers.

creative portfolio with illustrations and designs

Freelance @ Design & Illustration

I do graphic design and digital illustration. I specialize in corporate identity, logotype and illustration. I grew up with French-Belgian bande dessinées where I still seek inspiration.


Ethical brand VIRTUrocks fair trade in Latin America

Co-Founder @ VIRTŪ – Social business

VIRTŪ aims to challenge the way we produce, deliver and retail garments to bring products that combine top quality, fair prices and the empowerment of the people behind its production line.

The European print and online debate culture

CEO @ The European Magazine – acquired in 2015

The European is an online and print magazine featuring political debates amongst policymakers, scholars, thought leaders, academics, journalists and business leaders.

Product owner @ HOODSTR

HOODSTR is a geo-social app allowing users to get the most out of their neighborhood. In short, the future of classified ads.

eelusion Games Studios based in Berlin augmented reality games

CEO & co-Founder @ eelusion – acquired in 2013

eelusion is a game studio based in Berlin, Germany. The studio develops avant-gardist digital games, which combine advanced technologies - such as Geo-Location or Augmented Reality – with engaging game mechanics.


My past & upcoming keynotes & presentations – touch base if around!

Place Events Date
Harvard Business School, Cambridge, USA Social Enterprise Conference 26.03.2017
Babson College, Entrepreneurship Faculty, Wellesley, USA Dr. Caroline Daniels' class 29.03.2017
Bucharest, Romania Unfinished Festival 26.05.2017
London, England Social Enterprise Mark 06.06.2017
Vienna Business Agency, Vienna, Austria 5th Latin-American Evening 05.10.2017
Vienna Business Agency, Vienna, Austria Hidden Treasures 18.01.2018
OpenUNI, Vienna, Austria Podiumsdiskussion Selbstständigkeit 04.03.2018
TEDx, Bardelona, Spain Tackling inequality with agile design 03.04.2018

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